Celebrating 20 Years of Service Excellence


APR has been able to bring many machines back on the line through reverse engineering and our manufacturing capabilities, even when the OEM has recommended scrapping the equipment and purchasing a new replacement.

We can provide upgraded materials and design improvements over the original metallurgy and design in the replacement parts we manufacture, which will work seamlessly with the remaining original equipment components.

Examples of our reverse engineering services are as follows:

  • Redesign a shaft to replace a bearing snap ring and groove with a bearing lock nut and lock washer on a shaft. This eliminates bearing movement along the length of the shaft between the snap ring and the shoulder on the shaft.

  • Redesign a shaft to integrate the dimensions of one sleeve and lock nut into the diameters of a new replacement shaft (for a horizontal split case pump), thus eliminating a potential “backing off” problem.

  • Convert pumps with packing to Mechanical Seals, eliminating cost of product loss and the maintenance associated with packing.

  • Install labyrinth oil seals to protect bearings from debris. This is the major cause of bearing failure.

  • Install an overlay or an insert of stainless in casings and line bore in order to provide a tougher wearing surface, thus extending the life of the casing.

  • Replace bronze wearing parts with stainless, providing a tougher wear surface, thus extending the life of the unit.

  • Increase the diameter of existing open vane impellers and the connecting back shrouds in order to meet the customers’ higher hydraulic requirements (closed vane impellers can be increased in diameter too).

  • Thermal spray weld worn undersized shaft diameters to build them up and machine them to OEM specs.

The improved parts may increase mean times between failures through things such as better resistance to corrosion, erosion, and mechanical failure. Any design flaws in the original part will be eliminated in the new part we have produced.

APR takes pride in being able to provide new accurately machined parts for your obsolete unit. Parts for new equipment can be machined as well. For example, if you are in a breakdown situation where the OEM is not able to provide a part in a timely manner for you, view Our Products or Contact Us.