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Ultrasound Analysis








Ultrasound testing is another predictive maintenance tool that APR provides. Ultrasound testing detects different sound frequencies in a mechanical component that helps in determining any kind of abnormality or issue. When it comes to pumps, ultrasound testing is popularly used in order to add the proper amount of lubrication to the bearings depending on the frequencies it is emitting.


Ultrasound testing is a simple, affordable process that could save you from mechanical failure and replacement costs in the future. It will help increase the reliability and overall life span of the pump.


APR can visit your facility, and our trained technician will conduct an ultrasound analysis. They will carefully inspect the component(s) using our ultrasound testing technology, assess the results of the analysis, and recommend or resolve the issue if applicable. In most cases, the bearings will be properly lubricated given the results of the analysis.


APR backs all testing and workmanship 100%, according to industry standards.