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Re-babbitting is the process in which a component of bare metal is coated with an alloy metal in order to prevent the bearing surface of the component from wear.

Rather than having to buy a whole new component when it is worn out, re-babbitting allows you to avoid this expense and protect the components you already have in advance. This will not only significantly increase the wear protection and life span of your component, but it will also save you the cost and time to replace it.

The re-babbitting process involves the bonding of the bare metal with the stronger metal, which can be done in a number of different ways including metal spraying and casting. These ways ensure a successful adhesion between the two metals.

Not only is re-babbitting a cost-effective way of protecting a bearing from wear, it is also a process which requires a high degree of precision. APR is a reliable source that can perform re-babbitting services on your pump or turbine bearings with the utmost confidence and precision. If you have any questions about our re-babbitting services, please Contact Us.