Celebrating 20 Years of Service Excellence


There are numerous benefits to repairing a pump as opposed to buying a new pump:

  • Replacement costs can be significantly reduced by restoring worn components rather than replacing them. This is especially the case when the damage or wear is limited to isolated areas.

  • The process of the repair can help identify any environmental problems and root causes of failure, not just mechanical symptoms.

  • Repairing saves the cost of new piping and foundation changes.

  • The costs to replace motors and valves are avoided.

  • Repairs done to OEM specifications helps the pump run correctly and efficiently while minimizing its lifetime maintenance and operation costs, which can increase overall pump life as well.

  • APR can keep customer costs down by offering the machining, fabricating, repairing and balancing services under one roof. This in turn keeps a tighter control on all aspects of the job.

  • APR’s rotating equipment experience and engineering expertise allow us to improve equipment efficiency and/or improve MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures).

APR can also provide customers with upgrades on their old or worn-out pump, including:

  • Conversion from packing to Mechanical Seals

  • Installation of labyrinth seals to prevent lubrication contamination, which is the primary cause of bearing failures.

  • Increase diameter of stainless steel, bronze, cast iron, titanium and duplex stainless-steel impellers for increased capacity and head.

  • Review shaft design and bearing arrangements to ensure it is latest in technology.

  • Review metallurgical properties of the unit versus pumpage to ensure maximum product life

  • Service life of casings can be extended by overlaying or inserting them with stainless steel, line bored and coated with ceramic epoxy.